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Just finished watching this tamil movie “Paiyaa” with hubby – it was really good! There are english subtitles for most of the parts – and the clarity is awesome – its in HD so switching it to fullscreen it looked like a dvd was playing. How cool… gotta find some more new mallu or tamil movies of this quality 🙂

The first part is below… play and continue to click thru the related posts till the end. Enjoy!

God Bless,
Sharon Samuel



Okie — so this post is for my brothers Joshua and Caleb!

Alright… so I happened to be getting onto youtube to watch a christian music video that I wanted to hear/see in particular – “Casting Crowns – Who Am I” and I saw this amazing NBA ad at the top of the page for the 2010 finals – it was amazing because of all the links to past legends of the game all in one ad banner and videos from Bball history embedded in it…. so I went searching for the source code in that entire homepage and finally…. voila! Here it is making its appearance on mah blog!! woohooo! I am a legend too 🙂

…. Or NOT :*(

man! I kept trying to upload this code – and even downloaded the .swf file from the site it plays from… but finally had to look up whether wordpress allows “flash” and here’s what I found out:

Flash & Other Embeds

Flash and all other embeds are not allowed in WordPress.com posts, pages, or text widgets. For security reasons, we remove the tags needed for these to work. Your intentions may be innocent, but someone somewhere would try to damage the site, affecting all of our users.”

no wonder it wouldn’t work!!

Oh well – I’m still a legend cuz I pasted this as a picture with a link to the actual flash version 🙂 Click on it below to see the AMAZING flash video that SHOULD have appeared on my BLOG!

For Josh and Caleb …. enjoy!

Legends of the Game... Click to Interact with History!

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