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Finding Friendship

Finding Friendship. – by Laura Meers (



“After finishing work for the day, I made my way back to the train station. Upon arriving, I brought my ticket, checked the timetables and went through the gates to find a seat. The next train was not due for another 20mins so I sat back and allowed my mind to wander for a while, taking in all that was around me.

After a couple of minutes, a young girl with a pram came and sat on the seat beside me. We sat silent for another minute or two before she turned to me quite abruptly and asked if she could ask me a question. Expecting her to ask the time or when the next train would come, I agreed without hesitation, completely unprepared for the next words that were to come from her mouth… “If you were in the same position as me, and you had the opportunity to get back together with the father of your child, would you?”

The question sparked a conversation that continued on for the next hour. As we talked, I found out this girl had come from both an abusive relationship and family life. When she could not find love at home, she went searching for it elsewhere. In time she found herself pregnant to a man who had been cheating on her continuously. The day we met was the first time she had allowed the father to see his daughter, at 6months old.

She was now living alone with her daughter, trying to make things work for them both. She had no support and few friends after all that had happened, yet still remained strong, always presenting hope in her plans for the future. She wanted to go back to uni, get her license and find a good job to support her daughter. I offered to help in whatever way I could and we decided to stay in touch.

Within a couple of weeks, she had come to church and accepted God into her life. In the weeks to come we have continued to meet up, to chat about life and simply develop friendship. We are on a journey, but I could not be more thankful for the opportunity we have had to grow together. While many might look at the situation “thinking” I have given, I have found myself receive much more. Every time we allow others into our lives we never walk away empty-handed. Choosing to open ourselves up to others, choosing to love with no strings attached can sometimes be the greatest good we can do for one another.

Maybe to truly love others does not take much as we sometimes make it out to, maybe it is simply an open heart, open eyes and open hands to whatever the day may present us with.

Administering justice is not just about coming alongside those that are poor financially, although this is important, it is so much more. It is coming alongside the poor in spirit, those that are struggling, hurting and alone. It is about loving each and every person no matter who they are and where they come from. As you go about your day today, make the decision to show love wherever you can and to whomever you can. Allow your life to show Jesus, you never know what might happen!”


Spring Cleaning

So yesterday was an awesome day for us… we had our church Young Adults bible study at our house for the first time. And for the first time ever we had to put on an event at home all on our own… it really allowed us to appreciate anyone who ever does this on a regular! Cleaning house for everyday living is one thing… but to have a meeting requires a deep clean… we found out just how deep! lol

Kudos to Naveen for tackling the downstairs bathroom! He had like a million cleaning products out and got on his hands & knees to get everything in there lookin’ spotless! I am so blessed to have a husband who will take the hardest job away from me… I truly don’t mind taking on the entire house alone except the toilet I would rather NOT! Ewww!

Anyways we had a great day getting our home ready together and growing more closer. Then we had an even more amazing night of fellowship, food, worship, testimonies (after finishing the Francis Chan series last Thurs) and just a powerful night altogether! 🙂 So glad to have this group of believers in our lives… they are a blessing to our lives and we are learning how to be in leadership among them.

God is good! All the time!

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