Here I am – on the brink of my first teaching mission! An indian born & aussie raised Science teacher about to teach US history tomorrow! I certainly do like to spice up my life with variety! Am so excited & a tiny bit nervous all at once!

When first approached with this opportunity, excitement was my first gut instinct followed by hesitation & rightfully so – what one can learn from history should mean so much to the current generation & patriotic me would definitely not want to mess up the important events & characters that shaped a nation! Especially one birthed by Christianity.

This got me thinking – how much do I really know about American History anyway? Was it anywhere near how much I love learning about it?

As I contemplated, it slowly dawned on me that aside from whatever history I was taught as compulsory in school, I knew more of the ins & outs of America’s past than I did about Australia’s because of my own reading & study. What a comfort that was! And what better way to reconstruct all the pieces I have gleaned over the years together in the right way, while filling in the gaps i missed while growing up in another continent, than to take an elementary & junior high class till the end of May?!

So here I am – with Veritas worksheet folder (answers included), presidents pin-wheel, and a 50 states flip book in hand – ready to lead the charge right into the heart of what makes this nation what it is today, one nation who began & grew & prospered “under God”  & now needs to find it’s way back to its roots…