This is an old post I never put up-from a few weeks ago…

“On Friday night after completing Naveen’s first week in the church office as Zion’s Youth Pastor- we headed out for some R&R @ El Terridos follwed by a movie. It was well-recommended by our Snr. Ps. that we take a break from designing logos for the new youth theme & name soon to be launched. Weren’t sure at first if we wanted to watch a hindi movie in Cerritos where this restaurant “Pickles” has some bommy north indian food or stay close to home away from other Friday date nighters in traffic. So we got on and to compare trailers of all candidates.

Btw – a quick side note – while watching the Step-Up 3D trailer I suddenly found myself shouting at our laptop “she’s australian!”. Sure enough the lead female of the third & probable most intense / best step-up movie is an aussie actress!! Sharni Vinson, ex Home n’ Away star. The tall rebel from Australia’s fave tv drama is makin’ it big in Hollywood I guess… Woohoooo! Good for her- and from the trailer her accent has changed just like mine – fully american!

Who is SALT?

SALT seemed pretty interesting on the trailer but I couldn’t understand how the rating was only PG-13 when the trailer included some bedroom scenes. However, I’m pleased to say that it was only on the trailer & the movie itself is clean… from those kinds of lusty scenes anyway.

What it does have is lots of action & fight scenes (no swearing that I can remember). Oh, and If u can just watch the fighting loosely & forget about any arguments that come to ur mind like – how does she just knockout multiple bad guys with one deathly hit while muscled men in other movies take 5 mins to throw enough punches to take down just one bad guy! – if u possess the skill of ignoring such details u’ll enjoy the video-game style killing spree. Suspense was real good- u won’t be able to predict what’s coming next till it’s halfway to happening. Naveen did predict one crazy twist though- but of course when you’ve seen that many Malayalam movies there is no twist too shocking! 🙂 I’m not very into the mallu movies- too much tragedy & drama worse than reality!! Have had a love-hate relationship with it since I was a young girl…

Speaking of which, I was reminded of a key memory from my childhood on Thursday – woke up humming tunes like “if u wanna be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all” from Psalty the Singing Songbook!! Remember that big blue book?! Way befoe the Donut Man!!

So I kinda couldn’t get these songs off my mind as I was preparing to pick songs to lead worship at bible study that night and just gave in to the pressing matter of just looking to see if Psalty made it onto Youtube. Sure enough- there were a few of the real episode clips but the majority of results were churches & groups that did their own productions.

So I the had a moment like in ratatoiuille – going sucked back in time to an evening where charity churchmouse (lisa vdb) was singing “Jesus put the song in my heart- and as a tiny 3rd grade churchmouse in her choir- looking at that worship to my lord and wanting to sing for Jesus just like her- to be a servant of all- asking God “make me a servant, humble & meek, lord may I lift up those who are weak, and may the prayer of my heart always be- make me a servant today…” WoW! I needed to be reminded how simple it is to follow Jesus & clarity on what to do when its confusing- nothing like Sunday school songs to remind me!!”

God Bless y’all,

Sharon Samuel